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Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 49: Fri., July 31: Sarnia ON to Grayling MI

Anneke and Offroad Ed and I parted this morning after breakfast in Sarnia -- me to hit Highway 402 west to Michigan and them to head north homewards. Sad to say goodbye -- these two are good folks!

Not a terribly interesting day riding-wise as I've been on interstates all day - first the I-65 out of Port Huron after I crossed the international bridge and then I-75 to get me into Northern Michigan. It was another windy day, so I'm pretty bagged -- early to bed it will be for this ol' chicken ... BOK BOK.

Tomorrow, I'll aim for Charlevoix, where my great-great grandparents farmed. I believe there is some scenic riding to be had around there, and then I'll head across the Mackinac Bridge further north. Not sure how far I'll actually get beyond that -- depends on how much fun I'm having, I guess LOL

Later, gang!

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Bikerhen said...

And there you are, back in the land of our Southern friends and neighbours. Interstates aren't the most fun for sure, but a good way to make some time. Have fun there, as I'm sure you will. Know John and I are thinking of you. Stay safe my friend.