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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day 29: Sat., July 11: Rocky Harbour to Corner Brook, NL

Sooo, get a load of these two just getting ready to jump on their bike -- see the non-shoes she is wearing - don't they look like great protection? Just like her tank top. And the icing on this non-ATGATT pair is that their son and daughter-in-law were similarly attired. They thought it hilarious I had leathers and full gear on ... DUH!

This was a pretty easy day, riding-wise, as the trip was not a long one. After a 'hearty' breakfast (on the morning after the night before) (what happens on the road stays on the road ;-) ) at Rocky Point, Mikey, Tequila Sheila and I headed out back through Gros Morne Park to Deer Lake, where we parted company with many hugs (and much sadness on my part - they were great to me and we had a fab time together); they to return to Grand Falls and me to carry on down the TCHighway to Corner Brook.

I arrived about 12:30ish, which gave me plenty of time to devote to uploading all my pics to Photobucket -- thank goodness the connection at the hotel was a fast one - it took till about 5:00 p.m. to get them uploaded and linked to the blog (hopefully, this satisfies those who have been prodding me to git 'er done LOL).

I then treated myself to dinner in the hotel's restaurant, 'Jungle Jim's'. Yes, that name gave me pause too -- and it turned out for good reason LOL A Mexican-cum-Jungle-cum-I-dunno-what-kinda-theme. Dreadful service -- no-one looking after my table for about 15 minutes and then three different servers asking me the same questions repeatedly -- one seemed seriously DU-UMB. The food was indifferent but hey, the red-wine sangria was very good ... so I had several HIC and am turning in early.


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