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Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 21: Fri, July 3: Tantallon to Baddeck, NS

I'm here at the Silver Dart Lodge in Baddeck, NS on the shores of Bras D'Or Lake. I've posted a few photos below to show how gorgeous it is here, plus a few snaps I took this morning of Indie and Big Bob while we were getting packed up to go.

They were heading for PEI and I, of course, for Cape Breton to ride the Cabot Trail (which is on the agenda for tomorrow).

We rode together until the turnoff to the PEI ferry via Pictou where they turned off and I carried on straight for another hundred and fifty or so km. It was a reasonably pleasant ride at that point, warmish but dull and cloudy, but the winds just prior, on and after the Canso Causeway onto Cape Breton Island were somethin' else. Holey Mazoley, even the cars were slowing down because of the gusts. But, Delilah got me here in one piece, thank goodness :-)

When we started out this morning, the mist was really heavy and it got horrendously foggy on the highway between Tantallon and just before Truro, where it just miraculously lifted as we stopped for lunch. Amazing!

Anyway, I got here around 3:45 p.m., got settled and went for a little walk, then a short dip in the (supposedly) heated pool (apparently, the concept of 'heat' is somewhat less here in the East than it is back in Lotusland. :-( Jaysus, thought I was in a cold bath LOL)

Enjoyed a fabulous dinner here at the Lodge and have been (trying to) upload pictures for ages - rather frustrating this evening, it's not working very well.

Anyway, tomorrow I set off on a clockwise ride of the Cabot Trail and then on to (probably) St. Ann's at the end of the trail. For those of you who are not familiar with the Trail, it's about 300 km long and it encompasses the Cape Breton Highlands National Park as part of its route. It rises quite high through rocky areas and plunges down almost to the sea in other spots and it is chock full of twisties and turnies (there are a number of videos on Youtube, for example), so I'm looking forward to quite a ride!

Bon Nuit!

Day 21: Tantallon to Baddeck, Cape Breton

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