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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 41: Thurs., July 23: Upper Canada Village

Ah, what a life - sleep late, grab a shower, get served fresh coffee and breakfast, get driven all over site-seeing, get taken out to lunch, get taken out to dinner, get taken for more site-seeing -- a person could get very used ta this royal treatment LOL

As you can see, I've been having a little break from riding today. Dottie, her little 5-year old granddaughter, Jenny and I went to Upper Canada Village nearby and spent a good part of the day visiting the buildings and hearing what the conservators in each one had to say about it.

For those of you who aren't familiar with it, Upper Canada Village (at Morrisburg, ON) is composed of buildings which were moved from other areas along the St. Lawrence River in the late 50's, early 1960's for conservation during the building of the St. Lawrence Seaway. Because the river was widened and deepened in order to allow huge freighters to sail down the St. Lawrence to the Great Lakes, six villages/hamlets were going to be totally flooded out, so as many buildings as possible were moved out.

Some people elected to have their homes moved to new sites, some accepted expropriation money from the Government, but it was a real hardship for all -- these historical villages are called the 'lost villages' -- a very sad consequence of so-called 'progress' I think -- lotsa history just gone down the tubes.

Anyway, it was a great time and then Dottie and hubby John took me out to a yummy pub dinner at the Red George pub across the way in Prescott - a fun ending to the day.

So, now it's time to get packed up and be ready at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow to head off to meet up with some of the Motor Maids in Gananoque and thence on to Kingston for the weekend, where Motor Maid Laurie has kindly offered me a bed and some fun rides on side roads to do plus an MM BBQ and swim -- really looking forward to that and getting some pics up. (I did take a few pics today and will try to get them uploaded pronto.)

Sad to be leaving Dottie and John, (and their loving pooch, Babe) who are fabulous hosts and lots of fun as well -- we've had some pretty good giggles together and I'm really hoping I can convince them to come on a meet-in-the-middle trip another year!

So, hasta la vista, All, till tomorrow night!

EDITED TO ADD: Upper Canada Village


Rhonda said...

Hey Wench... sounds like you had an amazing day..good for you ! And it sounds like its gonna be a good weekend too.. wish I was there :o) Have a Conga Cooler for me will ya? and I'll do the same for you .. cheers Willi !!

Bikerhen said...

It's going to be sad leaving you with new friends, too, Willi. Even little Jenny took to you and was hoping you'd still be here today when she came over.

When you mentioned a meet-in-the-middle, John had this little smile. He knows we'll be headed west again. Plans to be made, but not now... for now, you just enjoy this amazing trip you are on!

Flo said...

Glad you hear you are having such a great ride and meeting these wonderful women Willi. I hope the weather stays good for you and you have lots of company for the rest of the trip. Damn I wish I were thar!!

K said...

ARRRGGGHHH! Why didn't I go online and read this earlier, instead of waiting for my lunch break on Friday??!! I'm in Gananoque...but I bet you're already gone... :( Hope you have a great time in K-town tonight, it's a beautiful city and there are some great roads!