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Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 35: Fri., July 17: Charlottetown to Moncton, NB

Well, today's journey was a short one. It started to rain just as I was packing up the bike this morning, so I held off until about 10:00 and headed out when it looked like letting up. It stopped completely once I was about 20 km along, so that was great.

But that frickin' Confederation Bridge -- 13 km (well, 12.9 to be precise) of gawd-awful hellish WIND, WIND, WIND. The speed limit is 80 kmh and I was barely able to hold it at that. Sometimes the wind was head-on, sometimes it came from the side, but it was a white-knuckle ride, I tell yah. Campers and trailers coming toward me were pretty scary to behold as well -- I wasn't sure if I was gonna be picked up and chucked in their path or whether they'd be pushed in front of me, or mayhaps the tail-gating cretin behind me was gonna rear-end me but I was fairly certain Death was imminent!

Imagine my relief when I actually made it to terra firma ... that lasted about six seconds till I saw the huge yellow sign at the side of the road warning of EXTREME CROSSWINDS! Oh, no! Not again! So, I braced myself and waited and waited a bit more -- and very little happened. Oh yeah, there were crosswinds, but NOTHING like the ones on the Bridge -- trust the silly Government to get it wrong LOL

Tummy was grumbling after awhile so I zipped off at Shediac and found a great little homecooking joint called the Four Winds -- had a fabulous lunch of seafood chowder and haddock au gratin, served with real homemade coleslaw and real vegetables -- the last time I saw a cooked turnip on my plate was one I cooked at home ;-)

Well-fed and more energetic, I headed off again, thinking I might get as far as Saint John, but I only got a little way down the highway and it was all ripped up with those ribbed thingies, very slippery dry and thank Gawd it wasn't raining - it was a nightmare for about 10 km, so I got off at Moncton when I saw a Comfort Inn sign and here I am for the night -- I shall feast on my Uncle Ben's microwavable pseudo-food, drink a little red wine, route plan and maybe watch a little telly -- Boy, does Ole Willi know how ta live or WHAT, eh?? :-D

EDITED TO ADD: Just to let you all know, my mileage ('kilometerage'???) the day I left home was 11,145 km. It is now 21,186 km. You guyz can do the math LOL


Rhonda said...

LOL... funny how you had to deal with the wind on the bridge and the 'threat' of cross winds after you got off the bridge and when you finally decide to eat where do you go? ... the Four Winds .. haha
I have to say both times I've been on the Confederation Bridge it was awesome.. no noticable winds at all and I was concerned about just that the first time I went across..guess I was just luckier than ye :P ... Good to know you're all tucked in for the nite.. won't hurt you at all to take a nice relaxing nite.. some libation... watch the telly,.. good for you.
I hear ya on that pavement stuff.. I hate that when they tear up the pavement with that machine.. it's so hard to steer your bike on that wiggly $hit!! Have a great evening.. raise your glass in a toast to Big Bob and I .. it's 29 yrs today for us :o) Cheers !!

Bikerhen said...

Glad you are safe and down for the night in Moncton. Have a glass for me. I know all about that wiggly stuff too, Canada is about 8 months of winter and 4 months of road construction!

Rhonda and Big Bob, my congratulations to you both!

Canuck Chicks Conga Mini-History said...

'Four Winds' -- HAHA, I missed the irony of that one! Good grief, musta been tired-er than I thought LOL

Super hugs and CONGRATULATIONS to you and Cabana Boy Big Bob. Twenty-nine years! Holy Smokes! Don't Time fly when yer havin' fun??? You two are havin' fun, riiight????

Anonymous said...

Well Willi, you dont know how jealous I am of you. You got to ride across the bridge even if it was windy!. Someday I will make that trek home on my Lulu well hopefully it will be on the new one.. whenever i get that one..*rolls eyes*. And I have been to that resturant and yes the food is just awesome! i will be having a glass of wine this evening and toasting to you that you are safe and sound once again and on west bound and
Nite Willie my friend,


Canuck Chicks Conga Mini-History said...

Too funneee, Cin -- you've been to THAT restaurant???

I'm tellin' yah, that place has possibly the best food I've had in ages -- I insisted on meeting the cook -- who addressed me in French and I think I surprised him when I conversed back reasonably well - he thawed a lot after that, but the bugger still wouldn't give me his recipe for haddock au gratin LOL