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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 46: Tues., July 28: Port Perry to Orangeville ON

After a hearty breakfast with Sue, Bill, Edna and Bill, and fond farewells, I set off for Huron County and environs. Didn't quite make it, but close -- got to Orangeville about 3:00 and decided that was enough for one day. I didn't actually ride that far, but it took forever because I chose to go via Hwy. 7, which was just so slow and congested, I got fed up with it all.

Anyway, when I stopped for a break, I texted Anneke and Offroad Ed, cuz I realized when I lookin' at my map, that their summer place in Mount Forrest wasn't too far away. I thought perhaps we could get together for lunch tomorrow, but that didn't fit into their plans, so instead, they jumped in the car and headed up here to Orangeville and took me out to dinner - what a blast; Conga libations and lotsa laffs - just as if we'd never been apart.

So, yakking away, we started looking at some maps and Ed decided I couldn't possibly go home without having ridden down to Niagara Falls; so, weather permitting, tomorrow that will be the plan -- I will ride down there and back about to Burlington, where I'll meet up with Ed and we'll head to their place in Mount Forrest for the night.

Next day, Anneke and I will ride around Huron County, so I can get some pics of the area where Big Daddy's ancestors lived and then the next day or day after, they will both ride down to Sarnia with me, where I will cross into Michigan. (We may be joined by a gal from Windsor, if I can hook up with her too.) Sooo, tomorrow looks like being a busy, busy day!

Port Perry Pics


Anonymous said...

Well your having a grand time there my friend. I only have one thing to say...Hurry up and get out west Just jokin hun. My ride coordinator for the chapter resigned so now I have to do it until we find a im hoping you arrive in our parts on our ride night so you can come wth us. If not thats ok. Im looking forward to your company and have a libation or 2 with you! Take care and ride safe and enjoy Niagara!

Bikerhen said...

Happy to hear you are having a good time and seeing all the good stuff! Ontario is so big, you might never get home, Willi, lol. Okay, maybe when the snow flies.
Just kiddin' you, enjoy!!