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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 34: Thurs., July 16: Riding all over PEI

I blasted off on Delilah this morning about 9:30ish, determined to see the Island and to shake off yesterday's blues ... and I succeeded mahvelously, dahlings, I'm glad to say :-)

With the able assistance of a PEI Touring Map I picked up from Red Rock Harley Davidson yesterday, I set off north on Hwy 15 toward Brackley Beach and then segued my way over to North Rustico and Cavendish on Rte 6.

This area is where all Lucy Maud Montgomery fans congregate -- there are various popular spots - Green Gables, several LMM museums, her birthplace, etc. etc. I have to say that the area around her birthplace almost brought me to tears, I was so thrilled to see the setting of my favourite of her books, 'Jane of Lantern Hill', so faithfully replicated. I could almost hear the Snowbeam family and the Jimmy Johns nattering at each other over something LOL (And if you don't know who THEY all are, well buy the damn book and find out! ;-) )

I continued West and then south to Kensington (lovely old verandahed homes there) and then got onto Rte 11 which took me west and north all around the North Cape Coastal Drive, although somewhere along the way, I made an unintended lurch eastwards and wound up going up Hwy 2 and then deked off to Tigmarsh (Irish heritage there) and then north again to North Cape -- lotsa windfarms in that area, )plus an old lighthouse), which Big Daddy and I have seen in Alberta and Hawaii, but these were extra-impressive, as they seemed HUGE.

I then made my way back to Charlottetown, following Rte 14 on the west coast as much as possible, finally crossing back to Hwy 1A around Summerside. That part of the ride wasn't all that much fun as it is part of the TCH and everyone drives like crazy, but most of the day, I had very little traffic to contend with (you were RIGHT, Indie). I arrived back at the hotel about 7:45 p.m. with 424 km on the clock -- not a bad day's riding if I do say so myself. Mind you, I can't feel my thumbs yet - they are still somewhat numb ;-)

Anyway, the weather was fabulous, although it feels like it might rain a bit tonight; hopefully that will be over by morning, when I shall set out over the Confederation Bridge to New Brunswick. Not sure exactly how far I'll go tomorrow - we shall see what we shall see LOL

I will now upload some photos from today's ride -- with any luck, they'll be online before I hit the hay LOL

EDITED TO ADD: Riding all over PEI


Rhonda said...

Sounds like you had a great day Wench... I love the backroads of PEI.. long gentle curves and pretty scenery... wishing I was with ya today :o)
Sweet dreams my friend ...

Anonymous said...

I must agree with Rhonda. I can only dream of doing those roads on my bike. When I was living home I didnt have my license nor a bike. Was hoping to make the trip next year but alas we are flying home instead.:( So when I am home next summer ill be on four wheels not 2. Im glad you got to see the island. If I had been there i would have taken you to my dads hometown...Souris. (pronounced like surrey)Its beautiful scenery through there as well.
Im looking foward to reading more on your trip home. And hopefully we'll be able to ride together again !
Ride Safe my dear friend