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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 37, Sun., July 19: Saint John, NB to Bangor, ME

Here SHE comes
To SAVE the day!
That means that Mighty Mouse
Is on her WAY!

Not really - just me! Heh, heh - I just love it when I can casually produce just the tool needed (in this case the right sized socket) to a stranded motorcyclist ... especially if it's a guy LOL (Acourse, I only have a lotta tools with me cuz Big Daddy insisted, so he should REALLY get the credit ...)

Anyway, I was zipping along Rte 9 through Maine between Calais, where I crossed at the International Border and Bangor, when I came across a Nebraska couple on a trike pulling a little tent trailer who were stopped at the side of the road, with him grovelling around on the ground beside it. I pulled in and asked what was the trouble and turns out his heel-toe shifter was acting up. I pulled out my magic 'bag o' tricks' and low and behold had the right socket (plus a fancy extension) which was just what the fella needed. (I think Wifey was pretty impressed)

Anyhoo, if you are ever riding in Maine, get on Route 9 -- what a fun road, lots of sweeping curves, speed limit 55-60 mph, lotsa passing areas so you have time to gawk at the scenery: plenty of evergreen forest and many little farms and garden centers. And when you have to reduce speed for the small towns in between Calais and Bangor, it's worth it to look at the lovely older homes, probably many from the 1800's and early 1900's with gingerbread trim and nice, big verandahs, mostly very well-kept. A very charming introduction to this part of the world.

And the weather was fabulous by the time I crossed into Maine -- sunny and bright, a little windy/gusty, but much better than pouring rain or the dense fog I had this morning all the way from Saint John almost to the border. I hadn't realized how much the topography climbed from Saint John to the border -- quite impressive and beautiful, actually. I'm very pleased I decided to come this away.

The weather is supposed to cooperate for the next few days, so I will be heading off tomorrow through New Hampshire, hoping to make it to Vermont and will report more then.


Anonymous said...

HI Willi, I have been on that road when I used to travel with the xhusband in the truck. And he was usually flying down that road like a bat out of hell. I think that is the road that the truckers called the airline. It sounds like it is. Im glad the weather is cooperating with you for once. Take care my friend ...Im going to sit back and have a glass of Okanagan wine. teehee...thinking of you!
Ride Safe!!!

Rhonda said...
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Rhonda said...

Ok... so now you're officially enroute home.. and getting further away from me.. exciting for you I'm sure but kind of makes me sad too. It was great meeting and getting to know you Willi.. I wish you miles of smiles and nothing but sunshine .. all the way home. Big Bob and I follow along daily with your very entertaining blogs. Keep the rubber on the road and remember... 4 wheels move the body.. but 2 wheels move the soul !
Ride safe and big(((HUGS))) from Bob and I !

ps... I deleted the above post because I made so many dang typos.. tired from riding all day I guess.. LOL

Bikerhen said...

Hi Willi, I've been on parts of that road, so I know how nice it is along there. Didn't happen to run into Stephen King did you? Nah, he was probably ensconced in his mansion, writing another story that will scare the pants off the world.

More wonderful roads ahead of you.. have fun!