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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day 22: Sat., July 4: Baddeck to St Ann's, NS

View from St. Ann's Motel

First of all, Happy 4th of July to all my American friends (and geez -- sorry we burnt down your White House all those years ago ;-) )

OMG OMG - I just rode the frickin' Cabot Trail ... all by my lonesome ... and it was GRAND, lassies (and laddies). Totally incredible. (I only wish Big Daddy had been with me -- he woulda absolutely loved it, I know!

Started off this a.m. from Baddeck where the receptionist informed me that we were in for thunder and lightening storms. 'No way', sez I, 'I'm lucky that way' ;-) How's that for tempting Fate????

So, what happens -- I get about 2 km down the road and the sky starts spittin'. 'Hmmm', thinks I -- better get that rain gear on -- then it won't rain. That's exactly what I did and that's exactly what happened -- until a pretty long way into the trip anyways :-)

VALUABLE NOTE TO SELF (and whoever else is listening -- ladies -- ) ENSURE that anything you put in your pocket is absolutely secure BEFORE you sit on the throne in the local Timmies ... lest you suffer the same fate as Ole Willi ... which is to have to fish your 'Buff' neck warmer outta the toilet AFTER you have done your thang!!! THAT's a big ICK, I must say -- and you get the darndest looks from other women LOL

I took quite a few pics -- now just have to get Photobucket to load them -- I'm barely getting an internet signal here, so hopefully can load them tonight -- otherwise, will try again tomorrow night -- some very nice view pics, especially up high on hills, looking back on the roads I've just ridden up -- AWESOME!

Most of the journey was reasonably good weather -- dull in most spots but occasionally the mist would rise and the sun would peak out and it was great -- sometimes I got a spot to stop off to record it, sometimes not. This is one heckuva ride, ladies -- hope yah get to do it sometime.

Anyway, real rain didn't start until I turned south on Hwy 105 for St Ann's -- had to really slow down from 80 kmh to 60 or less because of the frost heave on the road -- if I tried to ride over it, I got airborne, so tried to avoid it by zigging and zagging down the road -- luckily not much traffic, so pretty easy run, considering the ole visor was a little heavy with rain. Good news is, the rain gear kept me dry and toasty, so all to the good. :-)

Pulled in to the St Ann's Motel (at first glance, a cousin to the 'Bates' Motel in Carberry ;-) , but turns out the owner has been to my home town of Mission and fished (with result - he caught a big salmon) in the Fraser River, so I was welcomed practically like Royalty -- that made me smile, I can tell yah -- I've already met three people on this trip who've been to the booming 'metropolis' of Mission - what are the odds on that, I wonder????

Had dinner at a fabulous restaurant next door -- great seafood and great wine, too. I ordered a carafe of St Jost Cabernet -- that was a totally yummy local wine -- would give our BC wines a run for the money, for sho'.

Anyway, goodnight all -- gonna try to get some photos uploaded -- though it may take awhile , really want you all to see the beautiful Cabot Trail.

EDITED TO ADD: Anneke, in Cheticamp, just as I was heading into the Highlands Park, a fella warned me there were at least 10 moose per km (the park ranger later told me that was an exaggeration!). Sooo, of course I watched like crazy, but none of your 'friends' came out to play ;-) But I must say, the moose on the Nova Scotia warnings signs look a whole lot meaner than the ones in Ontario LOL

Hasta la vista, gang!

EDITED to add photos: Day 22 Baddeck to St. Ann's - The Cabot Trail


Bikerhen said...

Hey Willi, I am delighted that you enjoyed the Cabot Trail. It is spectacular.. that's the only word for it. All of NS is, but that area particularly so.
Your post made me chuckle... toilets may be necessary, but they are oh-so-dangerous places. LOL
Have fun, my friend and enjoy!

Rhonda said...

Hi Kiddo !!! Miss you lots xo
We had a great day on PEI Friday and finally settled in around 7 pm in Cornwall.. (after Big Bob had a look around at Red Rock Harley :o)
Started out not bad on Saturday but got some torrential rains on the North end of the island so headed back to Summerside and our warm hotel room. Some libations and we were feeling much better. We are on our way home today .. misty rain and not real warm but just fine with the rain gear on. But the bad news is that the storm we had yesterday is headed for Newfoundland.... with you. !! I hope your luck with the weather holds for ya and that you have a great trip on NFLD.

Anonymous said...

Hi Willi
Just keeping up with you and your shannagans :) I am ready to meet up with you Tuesday morning when you arrive in Newfoundland. Can't be reached through email, but you have my number and I have yours!!! See you soon