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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 24: Mon, Jul. 6: Long Day's Journey into Night

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note (cuz the signal is crappy onboard the ferry) to let you know, that thanks to good friend Gravol, I had a reasonably good sleepy-bye in my dormitory bunk (no snorers, thank Gawd!) and we are now about 2 hours out of our landing in Argentia, Nfld on Tuesday morning.

Challenge was to get the bike tied down on boarding -- big thanks to Big Bob for the previous lesson in how to do it and to Wilf the Goldwinger, who demonstrated how to tie the tiedowns tight (and basically did most of the work!) -- aren't bikers grand -- really helpful folks!

Met a couple from Metchosin of all places, Gary and Carla, who are BICYCLING -- seems we stayed at the same place last night -- anyway had a nice old natter and I was even able to recommend a Metchosin restaurant to them, the Garlic Rose, where the Women's Weekend had dinner in May -- too funny.

Will be meeting up 'somewhere on t'other side' with Tequila Sheila and hubby Mike ... will try to blog tonight!


EDITED to add photos: Day 24 Voyage to Argentia, NL


Anonymous said...

Hi Willi! I was watching for your blog last night and I didnt know what time you were catching the ferry across. And as usual you are safe and sound. Enjoy Newfoundland!
Take care and Ride Safe!


Rhonda said...

Wow.. this is province #9 .. check you out! How's the clutch working? Been a bit worried bout that . Have fun .. take lots of pics and keep us posted as to what you're up to. Have fun !!

Bikerhen said...

Keeping Mr. Gravol handy.. you are one smart chickie! Take care, have fun.. we are thinking of you ALL the time!