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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day 27: Thurs, July 9: Day Trip: Grand Falls to Twillingate, NL

Piece of iceberg video

Iceberg scene video

Now, this turned out to be an A-ONE-FABULOSO-HAPPY-HAPPY-HAPPY DAY! For a variety of reasons, but first of all ... because Tequila Sheila FORCED me into a shoe store (against my will, I might add ;-) ) ... and I hadda cheer myself up with a bit of retail therapy -- only ONE pair, mind you, as I can't carry any more on the bike LOL

But, second of all, cuz Mikey the STAR, whom I shall (probably) forever worship took Delilah -- she who has forsaken me with her mechanical upsets -- to Ern (the Harley Guy) for diagnosis of her ills ... more on THAT later.

Thirdly, cuz Tequila Sheil, Mikey and I had such a wonderful day -- doing the sightseeing thing -- to Lewisport (to pick out feisty lobsters for our dinner) and thence to Twillingate to sport with the icebergs and 'bergy bits'.

Fourthly, to come home and join the ever-ongoing party on Sheil and Mike's back deck with the 'hood' (AKA all the neighbours). Lotta fun people there, I tells yah!

Fifthy, to enjoy the lobster dinner with LOTS of garlic butter and BURP Corona's and lime.

And Lastly, to get the news from 'Ern the Harley Guy' that all Delilah needed was a to have her shifter mechanism cleaned and lubed thoroughly (which should have been done at her last service at the dealer in Chilliwack!!! AHEM) So, dat was dat, as they say here. No parts needed and Ern would not take a penny from me for his time, even. (So I got Mikey to sneak him a case of his favourite beer, at least!).

What a fab day, fab company, fab results for Delilah :-) I be doin' the Happy Dance once again!

Night All!

EDITED to add photos: Day 27 Twillingate

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