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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 20: Thurs., July 2: Riding, Riding, Riding in Nova Scotia

Well, first of all, Indie and I didn't manage to drag our lazy butts outta bed very early this morning -- it was more like 9:30ish by the time we actually achieved the vertical position. (Poor Big Bob had already gone off to work way long time before THAT.)

THEN, acourse, we had to have our coffee to pry the eyes open.

THEN, Indie hadda fart around with doing her hair. (Now, I ask yah -- who needs to fluff up their hair, when all yer gonna do is slam a helmet on it and squish it all back down again???? I don't get that LOL)

After all those ablutions were performed, we jumped on our bikes and headed off to the local mall to pick up a coupla new memory cards for my camera (I seem to have managed to have destroyed the two I had!)

We also paid a visit to the local Dollar Store where Indie insisted I must have a pair of leopard print reading glasses (to match my Buff) LOL

Then, a brief stop at Timmie's for more coffee and a goodies, after which we headed off on our ride to the South Shore, then over Hwy. 12, heading through Kentville, New Minas and another place, the name of which escapes me at the moment. The little towns are charming, full of beautiful old houses, big and small, with lovely verandas and plenty of gingerbread railings and so forth -- my favourite style.

The roads are all twisty-turny and plenty of them are very narrow by B.C. standards. In fact, the speed limits on many of these roads surprises me -- I would never have expected them to have been set so high -- but I guess Nova Scotians are usually in as big a hurry as the rest of the world ;-)

We stopped at a shop called Fritz's, near New Minas, which Indie's chum, Beth had recommended -- the lady who runs it has quite a collection of riding gloves, rain gear, socks, neck coolers and I don't know what all. She has stuff there for all kinds of outdoor activities, so I'm sure she has a huge customer base. I found some great boot covers for the rain and also picked up a couple of neck coolers (as the one I had died of old age!) for half the price I paid in B.C. Indie also bought me a couple of nice pins - one a little map of N.S. and the other a motorcylist which says, "I toured Nova Scotia".

We finished up our ride by heading east to stop off at Indie's sister, Jeannie's place. She is renting another one of these old houses, verandah and sash windows and lots of wood floors and panelling. She really has a great flair for decorating and has been painting it room by room and bringing it back to life after years of neglect. Fabulous! And of course, she was just as much fun as her sister - we had a great visit and then headed off on the road for home.

There was only one slight detour on the way home, and that was to the local liquor store to stock up on 'libations' for the evening. That was our reward after a long day of riding. We each cracked one open and proceeded to get dinner on the BBQ (or Indie did) and we then scrubbed and washed the bikes -- mine in particular was filthy! That took until about 8:30 p.m.

Big Bob had got off work early and was home when we got there about 7:30 p.m., but had already eaten, so he set off on a ride of his own to Fall River. He just arrived back about 15 minutes ago and the sweet man put the bikes in the garage for us and is putting the tourpak on his bike in preparation for their departure tomorrow for P.E.I. (weather permitting). I will be heading off to Cape Breton myself, so the next missive from me will be coming from somewhere near Baddeck up in that neck o' the woods.

Nighty-night All!

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Anonymous said...

Another great day in NS I see Willi. I know the Kentville & New Minas area quite well, as I used to live in Windsor, NS. You will be amazed by the scenery tomorrow. I am saying a prayer to the almighty Creator for good weather for you tomorrow! Take care and RIDE SAFE!!!
Your friend