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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day 44: Sun., July 26: Kingston

Ah, this was a super day too. Laurie, Michele and Deb (who came back and stayed overnight with us Saturday) and I breakfasted together and then the three of them went off to ride to Deb's place in Port Hope and back, which wound up taking a good deal of the day.

In the meantime, I stayed home with the doggies, Idgie and Seely, and got down to business uploading over a hundred pics and videos via Laurie and Michele's much faster internet connection.

I also set up a photo album page for them, as well as doing some blogging, all of which took pretty much all the time they were gone. Soooo, I felt quite smug and virtuous that I got my 'homework' done (Michele is a TOUGH taskmistress LOL) and also had a little rest from riding.

They came back with shish-kebabs and fresh green beans for a BBQ dinner, as well as lots of lovely red wine (I'm really likin' that 'Fuzion' brand :-)

Off to bed fairly early as we all have to be up promptly tomorrow a.m. -- me to head off westwards to meet up with my friend Sue in Port Perry and them to 6:00 a.m. swimming and then back to work.

EDITED TO ADD: Day 44: Kingston - Michele Doubles Deb

Video: Michele Doubles Deb

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Bikerhen said...

Great photos. Looks like the ladies are keeping you too busy to blog. LOL Perfect! Enjoy! I'll check in later for the news.