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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 30: Sun., July 12: Corner Brook to Port Aux Basques, NL

This morning, just after I'd had my shower and got my hair dried, the phone in my room at the Comfort Inn rang, "Are yah decent? A fellah here wants to come down and talk ta yah", sez Enid the receptionist. "Well, I'm almost decent", I said, "What does he want?" So, Enid puts this guy on the phone who sez (in a thick Newfie accent), "Jaysus, I'm sorry Girl, but I knocked over yer blue 'n white boik here in da parkin' lot and she's layin' dere on 'er side, with all 'er gas leakin' outta 'er and she's gota coupla scratches, looks like ..."

Acourse, he never got a chance to finish his sentence, poor guy, cuz I went absolutely ape$hit on him -- I won't repeat what I said, but there were a lot of short explosive high-pitched utterances starting with the letter 'F' - I'll leave it to your imagination!

When he could get a word in edgewise, he roared with laughter and told me it was all a big joke - he was 'Ern' (friend of Mikey), the fellah who worked on my bike in Grand Falls.

He and his wife, Maureen and their friend Terry (another friend of Mike's that I had met) and his wife were staying at the same hotel; in fact they checked in after I did the previous night and Maureen recognized the bike immediately but the night receptionist wouldn't give them any info. They had to wait to see the day gal who had checked me in ta get hold of me LOL

Anyway, we had a good ole natter and laugh and Terry's wife had a sit on my bike and loved it, finding it a way better fit than her top-heavy Sporty 883. So, a great start to the day :-)

We hugged goodbye and they headed off back east to Grand Falls as I headed off to Port Aux Basques and decided to just go the whole way without stopping (212 km). It was a wonderful ride. The TCHighway is mostly 2-lane the whole way with lots of passing sections and there was barely any traffic going in my direction (being Sunday, I guess), so I enjoyed it immensely in the beautiful sunshine. It was quite windy but it really got horrendous the last 30 km as we neared the ocean -- Man, I thought my helmet was gonna get ripped right off my head! The last 15 km I did, bent forward over my tank behind the windshield, slowing down to about 80 kmh. There were warning signs about the wind all that way, and boy, they weren't kidding!

But here I am, stealing an internet signal from someone called 'Allen' and staying at the Shark Cove Suites, which is the only accommodation I could get. Let's just say that it ain't the Ritz and leave it at that ...

I'm a bit disappointed cuz I expected Port Aux Basques to exude charm and old worldliness -- what it exudes is general unkemptedness (is that a word?) and grit. Your basic ICK, only relieved by the presence of a Tim Horton's and a liquor store open on Sunday ;-) Oh well, I'll be up with the boids and heading for my ferry ride to Nova Scotia tomorrow (after a caffeine run to Timmie's) :-)

Day 30 Corner Brook to Port Aux Basques


Anonymous said...

Ha ha Willie, Only in Newfoundland can you expect such shannagans from friends you've briefly met :) Now that you've got all those nasty thoughts and horror pictures out of your head, I am glad you could spend a bit of time with them. Great people they are, and true Newfs, hospitality and fun!!! We had a great time. Mike loved their little joke on you. We can only imagine the words :)that came spewing forth. You are leaving the Island tomorrow and taking the sunshine with you in more ways than one. Hope you had a taste that will leave you wanting more of our fair Island, enough for both you and Hubby to return. As promised your keys and Hard Bread will be in the mail tomorrow. Happy trails and safe riding the rest of the way!!!

Mike and Sheila

Bikerhen said...

What an absolutely wonderful tale. It sounds like you have made friends for life.. there are no people like those from the Rock! I've caught up on your writing, viewed your wonderful pictures and am tinged this lovely green shade out of pure envy. Now.. you do keep saying 'we' when I'm envisioning you riding alone...are you referring to Delilah as a separate being? This could cause a little bit of worry among family and friends.. lol

Rhonda said...

Wow... that week went fast for me so I can just imagine how fast it flew by for you..
When you get back to Cape Breton.. don't forget to take the Pictou exit and go across to PEI on the won't mind that ride as it's only about an hour and in the daylight.. LOL
the ride over is no charge and then you can exit the island via the Confederation Bridge which will take you right into NB... you pay to get off the island :o) We just came back via the bridge and I think it was $17 per bike.
Have a safe ride tomorrow and enjoy PEI.. you're gonna love riding there too.. we always enjoy getting over there for a ride.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome time you've had in NFLD. Now this is the part of the trip I wish I was with you. You're heading to my adopted home PEI! Oh how i wish i was there. Like Rhonda says you dont pay to get on the island just to leave huh. ya know the reason for that dont ya? Its cause they dont want ya to Have a good trip over and enjoy it and take a deep breath of that air for me will ya.
Ride safe my friend!


Anonymous said...

Hi Willie
Just got back from our road trip to Maine and getting caught up on your adventures on the Rock. Pics are fabulous. I was surprised at the numer of bergy bits. I love that place and mostly the people. I hope your ferry ride is smooth and on-time. It's always sad leaving that place.

I'm so had scruncheons...I've only had cod cheeks.

See you soon!
Laurie (patiently waiting in Kingston)