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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 48: Thurs, July 30: Mount Forrest to Sarnia ON

Well, the day started nicely with Offroad Ed cooking a yummy breakfast for us (with Elliott the Wonder Dog trying to mooch the whole time LOL).

Anneke and I got packed up as the two of us were riding off to Sarnia along the coast of Lake Huron with Offroad Ed to follow later in the evening to meet up with us. (As I write this, he hasn't arrived yet.)

It was beautiful weather, so we had a really pleasant ride. Anneke led as far as a place called Kincardine and I led the rest of the way.

BTW, we stopped for lunch in a place called Kettle Point near Ipperwash run by a tribal group - tax-free, yet :-) The food was scrumptious, so if you are ever by that way, stop in and enjoy!

Essentially, we just followed our noses along Highway 21 and then Highway 7 and lucked into a great hotel (the Village Inn) just off an exit on Highway 402 -- so it should be an easy getaway tomorrow morning -- them homeward bound north and me west to Michigan.

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Bikerhen said...

So glad you have had a great time sight-seeing. I don't think Niagara Falls is going anywhere.. there is always another time, and since it's billed for 'lovers' ... you might consider bringing Big Daddy along ;)

Michigan.. a place I would like to see. Have fun!!!!!