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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 19: Wed., July 1: Canada Day in Lewis Lake/Tantallon

Well, I certainly hope everyone else out there had as great a Canada Day as I did. Indie and I loafed (well, I loafed, she cooked, etc.) around while Big Bob went off to work, poor laddie. It was soooo great to have a relaxing day, with no deadlines to meet -- I really appreciated it. Got some (much-needed) laundry done, too and so forth.

Then, the famdamily showed up for a Canada Day dinner -- all Indie and Big Bob's two daughters and son, in-laws and grandchildren. A wonderful warm, friendly bunch and it was a lotta fun to see all the little ones and the young parents interacting -- oh, yeah and 'Nana' and 'Papa' were pretty cute to see with all the little ones too -- THREE 2-year old grandchildren - two boys and one girl YOWSA!

And the food that was served -- OMG, Indie sure can cook! (She has to do THAT well, she's a terrible navigator LOL)

Acourse, we stayed up til all hours, imbibing a bit of wine and laffing and talking and then off to bed, planning on a ride on the morrow. Must get another memory card for the camera, cuz I've broken THAT one too! Geez.

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