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Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 42: Fri., July 24: Spencerville to Kingston ON

Well, up early this a.m. to get organized and get Delilah packed up and ready to go promptly as Norma and Colome (sp?) and Dottie were going to ride me to Gananoque to meet up with Motor Maid Laurie who would be leading me to Kingston.

It was my first meeting with Norma and Colome and they were both a gas -- well experienced riders with great senses of humour - had a great time coffeeing with 'em at Dottie's before we headed off. Norma's the only tailgunner I've met so far BTW who could do it from the front o' the line (ahem) ;-)

Not too long after we got on the road, as we got onto the Parkway, it started to absolutely pour. It wasn't bad as it was warmish, but was really pounding down so yah could hardly see. In fact, there were such deep puddles on the right-hand side of the road in spots, that poor Colome looked like she was water-skiing through a wall of water. LOL We had to stop, so she could take out her hearing aids, cuz she was prolly gonna get electrocuted any moment LOL (well not really, but maybe).

We met up with Laurie at Timmie's in Gan and my trio of escorts headed off in various directions, rushing off to do things in their own busy lives. I'm very grateful that they rode with me -- real troopers alla them -- it woulda been so easy to bow out of getting soaking wet -- but they stuck with me all the way :-)

So, Laurie and I headed off, she in the lead of the course cuz Ole Willi had no idea where she was or which direction to head off in ;-) We zipped off on back roads with practically zero traffic, that twisted and turned through the countryside forever -- a great scenic ride.

Then, we rode down to Kingston Mill and Locks, which is the site of a very old set of stone buildings and we watched some boats (very fancy cruisers) being lifted in the lock to the next level. I video'd a lot of the 'action' (watching water rise is not really terribly riveting, but I'll try to get the vid's uploaded for your viewing pleasure ;-) ). (Sadly, this is the location where recently three daughters and their aunt were found in a car under the water -- floral tributes were already in place from local folks.)

After that, we headed to Laurie's place in Kingston where we had a nice lunch and retired to the backyard deck for a libation or two. I amused Laurie with my word-for-the-day, 'devotee' (look THAT one up in your Funk and Wagnall's, gang LOL). I was also privileged to hear Koby, Michele's son, practising playing his flute -- a beautiful interlude :-)

Another Maid, Bonnie, popped by for a chat and pop and then when Michele got home from work, off we went for all-yah-can-eat Japanese food and a terrific drive around Kingston and Fort Henry. What a great day. We giggled and tee-hee'd a lot and had a lotta laffs -- these two are fabulous hostesses, making me feel totally at home - I'm being spoilt rotten ... yet again :-)

EDITED TO ADD: Spencerville to Kingston


Bikerhen said...

So happy to hear you are comfortably ensconced in another Canadian biker's home. Isn't it just amazing??!! And yet another historical tour. Right on! Although the locks is rather sad at the present because of the latest tragic events. Usually it's just plain interesting.

Made it home only slightly wet from mid-calf down. Likely from road splash .. but we've all been wet before. We dry out. Fact of life.

Enjoy Kingston.. lovely area. And the first question Jenny asked was.. where's Willi? Another friend, albeit little.


Rhonda said...

Sounds like another great day.. thats 2 in a row isn't it ?? LOL Looks good on ya girl. I'm glad everyone is so welcoming and entertaining to ya.. Hope today is another great day .. and don't forget.. have a libation for me ever now and then .. :o)