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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 47: Wed, July 29: Orangeville to Mount Forrest ON

Day 47 Orangeville to Mount Forrest

Hmmm, well, I guess you'll notice that pics of Niagara Falls are conspicuous here by their absence. Fact is, I looked out the window this morning at the crappy rain pouring down and decided to give it a miss. Instead, I did a little tour of villages and hamlets in Huron County, where some of Big Daddy's ancestor's hailed from, which is most of the pics you see.

Then I headed up a bit further north to Anneke and Offroad Ed's summer place at Mount Forrest. We had a great afternoon with their grandsons and Elliott, the Wonder Dog, followed by a steak BBQ prepared by Ed and sitting around the campfire.

Now, I should mention here, I had a leeetle bit of trouble getting into the 'compound' they have their trailer at. Anneke had said to stop at the barrier 'straight ahead after I came in the gate'. So, I toodled ahead, because I could see a barrier in the distance -- seems, however, I had the wrong barrier -- one which did not open AT ALL. So there I was, at the very end of a gravel lane, too narrow to do a UE and too uphill to back up, so I said the hell with it and did an overland scoot through a wide, shallow ditch, over a small curb, between two other barriers and hey presto, got in -- good thing no-one was watching, though LOL (Look out Steve McQueen!)

I finally wound up using the sleeping bag I've been lugging around, BTW. I woke up in the middle of the night freezing cold and finally remembered I had it with me, and hey, presto -- warm snugglies at last :-)

Tomorrow it's off to Sarnia in preparation for the cross to Michigan.

Hasta la vista

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