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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day 43: Sat., July 25: Kingston - Motor Maids Pool Party

Kingston Motor Maid Pool Party

We had a totally great day today. After imbibing excellent fresh-brewed, fresh-ground coffee at breakfast, along with my first taste of steel-cut oatmeal with brown sugar and cream (yum!), the weather cooperating nicely, we headed out on a lovely ride before heading off to the BBQ and Pool Party at Tammy's.

We (Laurie, Michele, Bonnie and me) first stopped by the CAA office to stock up on state maps for my Michigan-Wisconsin-Minnesota-North Dakota jaunt as well as maps for Laurie's Motor Maid contingent who will be heading off to AMA in Colorado in August.

Then we headed off on a circular jaunt from Kingston which eventually fetched us up a couple of hours later for an ice-cream/french fry interlude(I MUST remember NOT to buy small portions anymore LOL). We went up hill and down dale and around sharp curves by lakes and boat launches and farms and quaint villages and I don't know what all. At some point we stopped to meet up with Shannon, another Motor Maid and then headed off to the BBQ at Tammy's.

You can see from the pics that there was a good crowd attending -- the food was yummy - hot dogs, burgers and corn provided by our hosts, Tammy and John and pot-luck goodies by the rest of the gals. (I, as usual, was a freeloader ;-) ) A strawberry-cheesecake cum shortcake dessert worthy of Martha Stewart appeared as if by magic off the motorcycle of one 'Hooper', as well as salads and butter tart squares and such . Fabuloso!

Sadly, heavy rain threatened and we had to cut evening short so everyone could get home safely -- a number of gals came from very far away -- Ottawa, Toronto, Port Hope, etc. etc. Too bad, Goils -- maybe next year you'll get to see the planned fireworks!

We were very lucky to just get sprinkled on, on the ride home -- just as we pulled into the driveway, the heavens opened ... have I told yah yet, I'm lucky that way??? LOL

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