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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day 36: Sat., July 18: Moncton to Saint John, NB

Well, another shortish day -- due to the wet, wet weather. It's not too bad here in the south side of Saint John, but I got pummelled all the way from Moncton to Sussex this morning, where I stopped for lunch and to wait for it to let up a bit, which luckily, it did.

It remained clear all the way to Saint John and I decided to stop for the night -- tomorrow it's supposed to be foggy in the a.m. and possible showers later on, mixed with some sun. I guess we takes what we gets LOL

On a more positive note, I spied an HD dealer down the road, so perhaps some fun may be had here after all ;-) ...

Hoping to head for Maine tomorrow.

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Rhonda said...

Hey Willi.. I'm glad you're all 'tucked in' for the nite.. Pretty $hitty weather for sure.. we were housebound all day .. it poured and rained a gale here!! Fingers crossed for a bit of sun tomorrow.. I would like to get out for a little ride .. and a day of sun would be good for you too :o)
just thought you'd find it interesting that when I went to post this comment the word verification that I had to type was indly .. kind of strange eh? LOL