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Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 45: Mon., July 27: Kingston to Port Perry ON

I was up bright and early this morning -- but not early enough to beat Michele and Laurie, who were up with the birds to head off for their early morning swim :-)

By the time they returned to the house, I had packed up my stuff and was just getting Delilah loaded to head off on a run through Prince Edward County. They got ready for work and we all had a big hug and said our goodbyes (as I said at the time, it seemed funny to be waving them off from their own house!)

What a fabulous time I had with these two lovely gals -- they are truly helpful and caring women to their sisters-on-the-road, as well as being able and welcoming hostesses -- thanks, Goils for making my stay so comfy and cozy HUGZ.

Laurie had suggested that, on my way to Port Perry to see my friend Sue from back home, I ride out on Hwy 33, also known as the Loyalist Parkway, which meanders along the shore of Lake Ontario from Kingston to the Elora ferry to Picton and thence to Prince Edward County, where there is a lotta great riding to be had. I got started out of Kingston about 8:00 a.m. and encountered practically zip traffic-wise, so it was really pleasant - sun and the lovely, curvy road all to myself -- mmm-hmm, don't get much better than that :-)

I arrived at the ferry terminal just as one was unloading and so didn't have to wait long; the ride itself was short too; a pleasant morning interlude.

Riding through Prince Edward County I was struck with firstly, how little traffic there was (seemed to be hardly any tourists around) and secondly, how many tiny farms lined the roadway -- really a pretty sight ... and most of the towns throughout the county were very quaint, with a lot of buildings from the early 1800's. Gawjus!

I continued on Hwy 2, which took me through Coburg, Colborne and other small towns and villages in between, until Port Hope where I headed north on Hwy 28, intending to make a segue onto Hwy 7A and thus onto Port Perry, but due to some road work at the junction of 28 and 7A, I couldn't get on at that point and wound up making a huge detour around it all -- luckily, Gertie the Garrulous GPS did 'er bit and got me there fine.

Sue and I had a great old natter after dinner along with her dad and some old family friends of theirs, Don and Edna, so it was a fine, relaxing evening -- no Conga libations there, but we sure made short work of a couple of bottles of wine ;-)

EDITED TO ADD: Day 45 Kingston to Port Perry ON

Video: Ferry to Picton

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Rhonda said...

Hey Willi... looks like yer havin a ball.. love the videos... and photos. I didn't get a chance to comment last nite as it was ladies ride and didn't get home till late. We're finally getting a bit of sun and warm weather here again.. Thanks Gawd.. I was starting to get moldy! LOL
Happy trails to you and travels the rest of the way home be clear sunny sailing with rain only at nite !!