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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 26: Wed., Jul. 8: Harbour Grace to Grand Falls, NL

Well, me boyos (and girlos LOL), such a bee-atch of a day, I cannot tell yez! Oy, it was H E Double L Hockeysticks!

After a delish breaky at the Rothesay B & B by George and Lynn, we headed off from Harbour Grace, thinking we would explore a bit on some of the back roads on the way to Grand Falls where Tequila Sheila and Mikey live. We soon ditched that plan and decided to head directly there on the main highway as expeditiously as possible because my bikey, Delilah Deluxe was just not cooperating today.

She started up fine, still idling rather high, but then we headed off down the road and I had a bee-atch of a time getting her shifted into second gear. The next shifts up were fine and on we carried.

But, after the first stop for gas, same thing -- then I would have to bang her down into first and start trying to upshift again, sometimes several times. She always eventually got into gear, but it's a little dicey when you're trying to get onto the TransCanada Hwy and semitrailers are bearing down on yah. ACK!!!

And the wind buffetting was something else! This is due to the fact that crossing the Avalon Peninsula, via an isthmus, is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the winds come from all directions ... a lot ... all the time. By the end of the ride, I felt deaf as a post and sort of as if I'd just got off a boat.

And of course, we several times had to stop for gas, food, comfort stops and the dreaded road construction -- so everytime I had to shift up or down, it was a dicey situation to say the least -- which of course raised the stress levels tremendously -- my poor old arms and shoulders were quite sore by the time we arrived WHOOSH

But, Sheila and Mikey were terrific riding companions through this -- I will be forever grateful for their patience as I really had to slow down quite a bit due to the wind and stress. Mike actually offered to ride the bike for me, but I felt I must be true to my 'mission' and do it myself. And, ultimately, I am glad I didn't wimp out and go all girly (although for a second I seriously thought about it ;-) ) I mean, I think there might be few of my 'buds' who might be giving me the gearz for some time to come if I had LOL

Anyway, safe and sound here at their home here in Grand Falls - have drunk their beer, eaten their food, patted and loved up their two doggies and am just preparing to drift off to sleep in their comfy guest room. And Mikey has arranged to have bikey looked at tomorrow afternoon while we all go sightseeing for icebergs, so things is lookin' pretty good for the morrow :-)

Maybe I'll actually get some of my pics posted soon ...

Night All!


Anonymous said...

Ahh my dear Willi... Thank you bloggin and getting me mind off of daily crap that seems to be surrounding me. Right now I wish I was there on the rock with ya! I am glad that Delilah made the trip eventhough she did give ya some trouble. She will be all better once shes been to the doc.. this im very positive about. This sounds like the same probs I was having with my little VStar. I am hoping its nothing major for ya. I am living through you my friend. Have a grand time seeing the icebergs they are magnificint!
Take care and Ride Safe!!!!!!


Rhonda said...

oh my... you're really having a time of it lately with Delilah... I sure hope you get it straightened out tomorrow and that it's nothing major (fingers crossed for ya) Enjoy the icebergs.. they're pretty amazing. Hopefully you'll have some good weather for the rest of your stay on the rock... it's been good here all week but not really sunny .. actually a bit cool today. .. but no rain.. so that's good :o)
Have a great day tomorrow.. sending good vibes to Delilah for her check up tomorrow.. keep us posted.

Bikerhen said...

I have supreme faith in Delilah.. she just needs a little TLC at the local dealer, but she's got you right across the country, good bike that she is. It IS most upsetting though when they act up and you are away from home. Very glad to hear she got you through and you are parked safe and sound. Enjoy your day out of the saddle, you deserve a wee respite.