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Friday, June 12, 2009

One More Sleep!!!

OMG OMG - the ride starts tomorrow and I'm just flyin' around here tryin' to get organized. LOTS of last-minute changes (to the route, etc. - please see the calendar and there are now an eastbound map and a westbound map) plus domestic issues like company coming TONIGHT to stay unexpectedly and a friend hospitalized. Sheesh - never rains but it pours!

Anyway, I'm ready to go, and will be rolling in to Olalla sometime tomorrow afternoon to hook up with Bee and Bryan. I will hope to post from there later in the evening, if Telus cooperates, of course.

Ain't we got fun!

Those of you who have ordered CC Conga shirts, please take a photo and email it to me so I can add it to the slideshow.

Anyone who plans to ride and has not provided contact details, please email them to me for adding to our list, which will be distributed to all riders. Remember to add your cell #'s please!

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