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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day 1: Sat., June 13: Mission to Olalla

Well, here I am in beautiful Olalla, at Bee & Bryan's, replete after a fabulous BBQ and a couple of ice-cold beers, followed by great dessert and vintage port. Pooped right out, but what a great day I had - some torrential rain in and around Manning Park, but lovely sunshine most of the way. Bee met me in Keremeos and led me back to the their place and the 'driveway from hell' (LOL).

Just got off Bry's webcam, chatting to Bear for awhile - he gave me strict orders to get Bloggin', so here I am!

It's off to Osoyoos tomorrow and points east on Hwy 3;Bee & Bry will Conga to Osoyoos too; hopefully will be posting pics tomorrow, so stay tuned.

WHOO-HOO -- we's on our way!

PS: Indie -- I got your phone msg last night but it was too late to call back -- thanks for your good wishes! It's great to know you are thinkin' 'bout ol' Willi

Edited to add photo link: Day 1 Mission to Olalla

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