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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 4: Tues., June 16: Medicine Hat to Regina

Well, I dunno why everyone sez driving across the Trans-Canada Hwy (#1) on the prairies in boring -- I thought it was fabulous! It wasn't totally flat, there were some rolling hills (well, 'bumps', really ;-) ), but it was nice to see all the fields. The sky and clouds were fabulous -- in fact, it inspired me so much I burst into 'Oklahoma' while roaring along at 110 km/hr (70 mph for our American friends). (I theenk the semi-driver I was passing at the time thought I looked a little bonkers, but hey, what the heck LOL)

Most of the pavement along the way was good, but there were some really broken up areas which I found a bit nerve-wracking; not sure which is worse -- the gigantic potholes or the tar snakes used to fill the cracks in the road ...

So far, the drivers seem amazingly courteous -- semi's actually slow and move a bit to the right when I pass them so they don't such me into oblivion -- not something we see on the west coast very often, I'd say.

I see there is a Future Shop across the hwy from my hotel here in Regina, so I will try to visit them tomorrow to see if I can get a drive adaptor so I can upload some pics soon (I have yet to deal with the memory card that is currently STUCK in the computer drive ... GRRR).

Anyway, safe and sound in Regina and off to Winnipeg area tomorrow. Cheers!


DD said...

hey sweetheart,
really enjoyed your blog and can't wait till you can post some pics. Please stay safe out there and take lots of breaks when you are by yourself so you don't get fatiqued....I look forward to reading each day about your adventure...I am with you sitting on your shoulder so anytime you need someone to keep you company just start chattin and I'll be listening.
Have fun, stay well and take your time dawlink

Anonymous said...

Hello my new and dear friend Willi,
I meant to do this yesterday, well actually last night when I got home from work but was dog tired! I just want to say how awesome it was to meet you and eventhough it was a short ride with you it was still awesome! Half way back to the turn off I was tempted to phone the boss and tell her I wasnt coming in at all and then turn and chase after As you arrive in PEI do me a favor and take in a deep breath of that wonderful air and say this is for you Cindy!. Willi I wish you a safe and amazing ride across this wonderful country. Im right beside you in spirit!
And thank you from Joan and I both for taking the time to meet us! Ill be watching your trip very closely


Rhonda said...

Hey gf... good to see you had another nice day. That's interesting that you enjoyed the prairies .. I've always 'heard' that they were 'flat' and 'boring' but you got a totally different view of them. How awesome is that?!! Please be safe and careful. Take lots of pics too.. you'll be able to share the eventually LOL .. HUGS!

Rhonda said...

I meant to say.. I've been in Winnipeg once.. many , many years ago.. I'm interested to see what you think of the city. :o)

Hondamama said...

Heya Girlie - I look forward to reading your blogs every night...but there was nothing last night....where are you??... hopefully safe and soundly on your way somewhere on your route...I'm going crazy packing up the house but I'm looking forward to the Winthrop ride with the girls. Stay safe - consider yourself hugged :)

DD said...

hondamama, apparently Willie text message Dragon to tell her she is okay and that there is no internet where she is....just to put yur mind at ease....I'm sure Willi will blog when she gets internet

Rhonda said...

Thanks for posting that DD... I was really getting worried about our 'travelling girl' .. :o)