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Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 3: Mon., June 15: Cranbrook to Medicine Hat

(Don't you love that title? Where else but Canada would have places like Moose Jaw, Medicine Hat, Buffalo Head Smashed In??? LOL)

First -- the really bad news: the port on my computer which should accept my camera memory card is not functioning, so no pics will be posted - I'll try to find a Staples somewhere along the way and get an adaptor drive -- sorree folks!

Anyway, I set off this morning from Cranbrook in a bit of a tizz because some careless soul had apparent knocked my helmet off the bike while I was back-and-forth to my room bringing stuff down and at first it appeared as if the visor was broken off -- however, luckily it had just come loose from its moorings and I was able to fix it -- although there are some terminal scratches on it now :-(

That fixed, I headed out of Cranbrook (sprinkled with a bit of rain) on Hwy #3; the scenery is fabulous along the way, particularly through the Crows Nest Pass and the Frank Slide area. Amazing. If you've never ridden it, try to get the opportunity - gawjus!

I made my merry way through Fernie (my favourite A & W was shut down - ACK!), Fort MacLeod, Pincher Creek and finally (very late and very hot due to road work everywhere) to Lethbridge, where I met up with Joan, the VP of the local WITW (Women in the Wind) chapter - just enough time to have a brief chat and blast off eastwards to meet up with Cindy (the Pres of the chapter), a brief hug and chat, a short ride, then she off to work and me heading for Medicine Hat about an hour down the road.

The sign for access to the Best Western from Hwy #3 in Medicine Hat led me to a cemetery (which had me worried for a sec LOL) until I spotted the familiar sign nearby. They have a H.O.G. washing station out front and I was really excited - I could wash all the gooey remains of all those huge Alberta bugs off Delilah - until I discovered yah had to be a card-carrying member of H.O.G to use it (bah, humbug I say!).

So, I cleaned up the bike with my trusty Pledge wipes, showered and tidied up and headed off to (1) slake my thirst(with a nice cold lager) and (2) feed my tummy, which I accomplished in style at a Grill and Wine Bar next to the hotel -- highly recommended :-)

And now, here I am blogging -- what an exciting life, you say! LOL As is becoming the norm, I'm bushed so I'll be doing a bit of email, doing some domestics and heading off for beddy-byes.

Till tomorrow ... somewhere around Regina ...

Edited to add photo link: Day 3 Cranbrook to Medicine Hat

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Rhonda said...

Sounds like you're putting in some pretty full days Willi.. don't forget to pace yerself girl! I can't wait till you get to the east coast.. looking forward to hooking up with ya.
BTW.. can you enable comments so we don't have to wait for you to read the blog ? That way folks can comment and we can see the comments immediately.. can ya ? huh? Thanx girl.. Ride safe.. and get that picture thingy fixed .. I need to see pics.. :o)