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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 6: Thurs., June 18: Carberry MB to Kenora ON

OK -- here I am, safe and sound in absotively posilutely gorgeous Kenora! Have met up with Anneke and her hubby, Ed and we are staying at the Best Western Lakeside, which is one honking huge circular tower with fabulous views of the lake -- a big splurge moneywise, but well worth it.

Met up with Anneke and Ed here about 4 pm; they had arrived earlier in the day. I had more chunks of road construction to contend with just west of town; long delays in the hot sun - not too great but at least there was a breeze of sorts. Hwy #1 is just a two-laned road after the Manitoba/Ontario border, which I hadn't really realized with few and far between passing lanes. More ICK.

However, the scenery is breathtaking, lots of little lakes and streams along the way ... and blackflies and horseflies! (Note to self: do not try to swat at flies while riding bike -- bad for your continued good health!)

Anneke and I had a great 'reunion'; we've been corresponding for sometime but this is our first in-person meet and it's as if we had known each other for years! How cool is that? And Ed is a peach (I sense in him the makings of a great Cabana Boy; he quite ably took charge of ferrying the bike luggage up to the seventh floor for me (acourse he had a trolley ... and there is an elevator, but it's the thought that counts, eh, Ed?? ;-) )

We slaked our thirst with a couple of Corona and lime in the hotel lounge (this is getting to be a habit! My treat tomorrow you two!) followed by quite a posh dinner in the hotel restaurant -- great food but the portions were huge. BURP

Have been checking the Conga email and we have a very nice offer from the Ladies of Harley in Thunder Bay to come out tomorrow to escort us into Thunder Bay when we get there, so we will be trying to hook up with them at some point to make that happen and hopefully we will have some pics at some point -- maybe Anneke and Ed can post pics.

As well, we had an email from Lise Charron who recommended we visit the Harley shop in Thunder Bay; if time permits, we certainly will - thanks, Lise!

Thanks for all your comments, friends -- much appreciated and it is SO great to know you are all following along -- as DD would say, BIG SQUISHIES to everyone!



WyzWmn© said...

oh Willi...I've lived in Kenora and Lake of the Woods is beautiful...I've even stayed in that hotel...

but srsly girl...Wait till you see Lake Superior!

if I'm lyin I'm dyin!

Bikerhen said...

WyzWmn is so right! You have a real treat ahead of you. The Lake is incredible, the roads hilly and twisty-turny but not in a crazy way where you can't enjoy the spectacular scenery !

MaryAnne said...

You are some kind of woman Willi! I'm so proud of your guts and determination. Stay safe and drink it all in (visually I mean)!

DD said...

Willi love, you are just a whippin thru those provinces, be careful nowif a couple of those mosquitos attach themselves to you at the same time they'll pull ya right off that bike of yours...I grew up in North Bay and have relatives all over Ontasrio, have an elderly aunt in Kenora and one of my cousins lives in Thunder is breathtaking in that area so take lots of pics...I'm glad yur back in the land of modern technology and we can stop holding our breath wondering "where she at"
take care GF and I'll follow along

Anonymous said...

Glad you're safe and sound - I can sleep tonight :)

Anonymous said...

I too am breathing easier now that I know you are safe and sound! Enjoy the scenery its breathtaking. Ive travelled through there many time in the truck with hubby.
And I agree with DD watch out for those dive bombers..err ...I mean
Take care my friend and ride safe and enjoy your adventure.
your friend Cindy