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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day 2: Sun., June 14: Olalla to Cranbrook, BC

WHOOSH - what a great day! Woken to the smell of fresh, strong coffee at B & B's place in Olalla -- yum - followed by a fab breakie; then off to Keremeos to meet up with some of their friends - Greg and his good friends and next-door neighbours, Don and Gaylene (sp) -- very gracious and fun folks - longtime bikers. Signed their 'garage wall', as everyone does (does that make me famous??? LOL) Then, we all went off on a ride to Rock Creek -- picking up another friend of the Keremeos gang, Mitch, in Osoyoos. So, then we were two trikes and two bikes, with Don leading. Great stop at the viewpoint overlooking Osoyoos, meeting up with some other folks riding from points East. Gaylene met up with another Quebecois there, so they had a good ole chinwag.
We parted company in Rock Creek, after a fine cuisine lunch of dog of the hot variety, and I arrived here in Cranbrook about 7:00 pm PDT (now resetting my watch an hour later). Dined in my hotel and (hic) had a libation (or 2) and now getting ready for a well-earned snoozie :-)
Hopefully, will be able to post some of the great pics I've taken so far ...
Tomorrow, off to Lethbridge to meet up with the WITW gals ...

Edited to add photo link: Day 2 Olalla to Cranbrook


Rhonda said...

woohoo !! I want to be you !! You're having a blast aren't you? Keep the blog coming cause so many of us are living vicariously thru you girl :o)
Where are you gonna post the pics? Can you put up a link Pls?
Ride safe and have fun.... that's an order >> LOL <<

Rhonda said...

OMG girl ... I want to be you!! or at the very least be with you !! This is such a great adventure you're on.
Are you posting pics on flickr? That would be the best I think , so it doesn't 'bog down the blog' LOL
Ride safe and have fun...that's an order.
BTW... if you were to 'enable comments' then each evening you'd be able to read what people blog to you.
See you soon...

Bee W said...

It was great having you stay with us and riding with you for a bit anyway - glad you made it safe and sound to Cranbrook and we'll watch your blog and Facebook for stories and pics along the way - you go girl!!! What a great way to spend the summer!