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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 16: Sun., June 28: Hanging in Moncton, NB

Paid a visit to the wrap-up breakfast and awards presentation of Atlanticade today, met Suzanne, one of the organizers and chatted to a few others. I took some video of the riders marshalling for the last run of the event, but unfortunately, can't get it to load right now -- will keep trying.

And, unfortunately I also didn't manage to hook up with daisymae, the local gal that I was hoping to ride with, so instead, I toodled around town a bit, seeing the sites and so forth.

Tomorrow, off to hook up with Rhonda in Halifax! Yahoo, I hear lobster BBQ is promised for Canada Day. YUM!

Sadly, rain is forecast for tomorrow and possibly, the next day :-( Oh, well, at least the temps should be fairly warm ... and what else is rain gear for, eh? ;-)

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Anonymous said...

So sorry I couldn't meet up with you. I was called in to work. If you're ever this way again please give me a call! Have a safe trip, Daisymae