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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 8: Sat, June 20: Thunder Bay to Wawa, ON

YEE-HAW!!! What a great day of riding -- plenty of twisties, GAWJUS views of Lake Superior and close encounters of the moose kind! 'Off Road Ed' has taken lots of photos on the road and will be uploading them soon to photobucket, so I will add the link here when he does. *** Here is the link: *** (You'll just have to copy and past the link cuz I can't get Blogger to do a hyperlink today for some reason!)

Our day started with very hot and humid weather -- after we breakfasted at Timmies and met up with Ross, of the local H.O.G.s (they were busy with a Ride for Dad so couldn't spare much time), while we were getting ready to head out on the road, a lady asked me if I wouldn't be too hot in my leather pants -- acourse, I told her that it would cool down once we got riding and I wouldn't be too hot ...

What an understatement! What crazy weather we had the whole day - it would be blazing down sun for a half hour or so, then very cold rain, then some cold mist and wind, then back to the warm sun - we kept putting on and taking off layers so much, it musta looked like a strip show out on the road LOL

Seriously, though, it was REALLY cold on the last 20 or so kms into Wawa, everyone's hands were freezing and lotsa shivering going on -- we were delighted to get into the lobby of the Wawa Motor Inn to get registered -- it got us warmed up at last. Over steak dinner here in the Inn, the rain started and it has been lashing down for a good hour or so -- not sure what the weather channel sez is in store for us tomorrow, but we will be geared up for anything for sure! (A Newfie rider on his way home from Edmonton had told us this morning to expect 'brutal' storms, but this is the first we've seen of the really horrible weather, so fingers X'd for tomorrow.)

We've had some good laffs together today -- Anneke has now got the nickname 'Hot Stop Annie' due to her new-found abilities to 'spot and stop' for moose ... and that's moose in the plural, BTW! She and Ed and a (really) close encounter of the moose kind on the ride up to meet me in Kenora and we had two less close ones today. Who knew Bullwinkle had so many relatives in Northern Ontario??? Not me, for sure!

'Off Road Ed' has his new nick because he decided to lead us down a country lane to a 'picnic' site, turned out not to have a site, never mind a picnic, just a big square of asphalt. No more lanes, please, Mr. Ed, speshully if I have to do a U-EE to get out! LOL

Our dinner here was scrumptious and of course we had our Corona's with lime to top things off. Life is good indeed!!!

Onward to Sudbury tomorrow.



Rhonda said...

my Gawd woman.. you should write a book !! I laughed till I cried reading this blog.. you're killin me here !!
Sounds like you had a great day.
As for the weather.. it's been raining today and calling for rain right through till next Friday for Cripes sake !! some kinda sick joke I think.. hope you come behind that weather and not into it!! Hugs

Rhonda said...

Hey .. the link for the pics isn't working.. stop teasing !!