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Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 14: Fri, June 26: Cowansville to Edmundston, NB

WHOOSH, it's been a looooong day of riding. I hit the road from Cowansville before 9:00 a.m. and arrived here at the Best Western in Edmundston a couple of hours ago. The only stops I made were for gas, so man, did I have a numb bum and right leg when I parked the bike to get off -- could hardly hold it up for a second!

I wended my way through the Eastern Townships northward to get onto QC Route 2, which is also the TransCanada and rode all the way along it to my destination. My only deviation was when I didn't get over to the right when I should've and wound up crossing the Pierre Laporte Bridge into Quebec City (!) Luckily, after I entered the City, I spotted a tourist information place (on the right side of the road: BONUS) and as I was circling the block towards it, I spotted the sign for the access to the bridge to get back on my correct path, so lucky me, didn't even have to stop for help, just went around one block and hey, presto, back on the correct route back over the bridge to the TransCanada. Hurrah!

Wikipedia sez: "The Pierre Laporte Bridge (French: Pont Pierre-Laporte) is the longest main span suspension bridge in Canada.[1] It crosses the Saint Lawrence River approximately 200 metres (660 ft) west of the famous Quebec Bridge between historic Quebec City and Levis, Quebec."

Other than that wee bit of excitement, the day was pretty hum-drum - a very long, very boring highway; some intermittent road work but otherwise OK. Very definitely glad to be here and will be hitting the hay early to get back on the road to Moncton and Atlanticade tomorrow.

I only realized a few minutes ago that I had neglected to book accomodations in Moncton (ACK!) but managed to get space at the Best Western there -- too bad, poor me had to take a suite LOL What a tough life, eh?

So, tomorrow, off to Moncton (404 km) and Atlanticade! Nighty-night All!


Bikerhen said...

You may very well end up being the U-turn Queen.. lol

Glad to hear everything worked out okay with that little detour. Sometimes, as we all know, they can be very bad.

Rhonda said...

Hi Willi...
Sorry I'm so late responding to this blog.. went riding with the 'old guy' tonite and it was so nice didn't want to come home. I was gonna call you but I'll wait till tomorrow nite .. too late now to call.Hopefully your ride into Moncton tomorrow is more fun than your boring ride today .. xo I'm hoping the rain holds off for Sunday... ..anyway.. off to bed for now.. see you soon

Flo said...

Hey Wench, glad yur safe and sound, how long do ya have to ride alone? Gotta hate the long and boring but it beats woikin!! ;o)
Keep on havin fun!