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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 11: Tues., June 23: Pembroke to Spencerville, ON

Hello All,

Sorry for the late (and short) post tonight -- it is late, I'm bushed and heading off to bed pronto. Just wanted to say that after a beautiful ride down the rest of Hwy 17, Dottie and I met up on Hwy 416 near Ottawa and we rode off to her home near beautiful historic Spencerville this afternoon.

She immediately plied me with the CCC drink of choice, stuffed me with a late lunch, then stuffed me with dinner and then she and hubby John took me off on a two-hour drive around the surrounding area. Got lots of pics and will post them tomorrow night after I get to Cowansville in La Belle Province (where I promise to do a much more newsy post!)

Night All!

Edited to add photo link: Day 11 Pembroke to Spencerville

PS: Any pics I have uploaded are linked to the appropriate post. So, if you want to see the pics for Day 1, go back to that post on the blog and find the link in pink at the end of it.

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