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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 15: Sat., June 27: Edmundston to Moncton, NB

Well, here I am at last in Moncton -- looking forward to visiting Atlanticade tomorrow. Arrived here 'somewhat' damp around the edges. Had intermittent torrential rain from the go in Edmundston, right up until I got to Fredericton (which was a little over half-way through the 404 km I rode today) :-( I then cleverly insured sunshine on the rest of the journey by finally putting on all my raingear in Fredericton -- never saw another drop after that! LOL

The bad news is that the weather forecast is calling for rain, part of tomorrow and all day Monday (great -- that's the day I head to Halifax :-( )

Funny thing happened this morning. After I checked out from the hotel in Edmundston and was getting my helmet and gloves on, a mum with her two little kids came out. The little guy, about 3, had a million questions about the bike and wanted to sit on the bike. I was about to say yes and lift him up when Mum said a very definite NO. I didn't like to contradict her, but that put him into a tantrum and he started yelling, "I wannna ride, I wanna ride" over and over.

While that was going on, his older sister, about 7, started asking me questions, beginning with "Is it hard to ride?" I thought that was pretty intelligent, for such a young kid. Anyway, we chatted awhile about riding, all the while little brother was shrieking for a ride and Mum was giving me dagger looks.

Yep, I'm pretty sure that little girl will come over to 'our' side one of these days. Just doing my bit to ensure future generations of 'girl' riders ;-)

Hasta la vista, gang!


Rhonda said...

Hey Willi... miserable about the rain... and again on Monday... I have a possible solution to riding here in the rain... check your email chicklet !!

Bikerhen said...

That was weird about the mum and kids. I've had a number of kids ask to sit on my bike when I've been out. The parents have always said yes and run for their cameras. Doesn't hurt a thing. That mother obviously has a problem with motorcycles but if the kids are fascinated.. she won't stand a chance in the future. The love of two wheels will out!
Sorry about the rain and sure hope it clears for ya!
Thinking of you .. wishing I was sharing your adventure in a physical sense.

MadShaw said...

Hi Willi: Rhonda tells me that you want to come out and play in NS? I teach therefore I ride....especially after tomorrow. See you soon for a few adventures.