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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 5: Wed., June 17: Regina to Carberry, MB

Well, ain't we got fun? Most of you will have noticed that this posting is a day late, due to the fact that I curtailed my ride at Carberry instead of pressing on to Winnipeg, due to the fact I was being overtaken rapidly by horrendous thunder and lightening storms.

I left Regina and was making very good time across Saskatchewan and into Manitoba, passing through Brandon well ahead of schedule and feeling very pleased with my progress. Should never have let that complacent thought cross my mind because immediately road construction reared its ugly head and I was confronted with 31 km of that horrible ridged pavement which had to be negotiated about 45-50 kmh, because the grooves were curving all over the place and it was near impossible to stay in one groove, without being pulled all over the place -- the guy who dragged that scraper musta bin stoned or bored or both LOL. The worst part is having semi-trailers backed up behind yah with no where to pull over - ACKK!!!

After getting through that, it became apparent that the storm, which looked like it was about a mile wide and I don't know how high, was rapidly bearing down; so I bailed out quickly and registered for the night at Carberry's version of the Bates Motel -- at least that's what it looked like on the outside and some of the clientele in the 'restaurant' gave me pause -- they definitely looked like they could've been related to Tony Perkins allright . Luckily, they all drifted off and I had a nice chat with an elderly lady called Margaret who turned out to be from an area in Northern Ireland I know well whose daughter used to be engaged to a fellow I'm acquainted with in Mission, my home town. How funny is that???

The food was good but the internet reception non-existent, so I texted Draggie and she kindly posted on Facebook that I was alive and kicking in Carberry. (The funny thing is after all that, the storm suddenly made a violent change in direction and passed in a different direction entirely - SHEESH!)

No pics for anyone yet, I'm afraid -- still haven't liberated that stuck disk from the computer drive SIGH.

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Bikerhen said...

Wise move to take to a motel and not risk driving through a storm. Makes no sense getting wet and miserable.

Crazy coincidences though.. with Margaret. Life is strange.