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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 57: Sat., Aug 8: Cranbrook to Grand Forks, BC

I cain't believe it! I finally met up with my own Big Daddy (mind you, he kept me waiting for 2 hours in Grand Forks -- what's new, eh?)

Had a fab ride from Cranbrook -- not much traffic, be-oot-iful weather -- what more could yah ask for???

We've just got back from a great dinner at a local pub -- be sure to visit the Station Pub here if yah get the chance -- excellent food and good beer as well as friendly quick service.

It was within walking distance of our very reasonably priced motel 'Western Traveller' and so lovely on the walk back - dusk, the hills looked purpley-grey and a fragrant breeze -- thinkin' this might be nice retirement country???

Off tah bed now folks, for the final leg home -- escorted, no less by the Big Daddy!


Flo said...

How much better can it get????

Dutchie_Anne said...

What an adventure. Just think of all the friends you have all over this great land. Even being part of only a small portion was great for me. Loking forward to staying in touch now. So many memories!!!


Anonymous said...

Finally you are back home safe and sound with big daddy!!!! Glad you fulfilled this part of a dream, and that we got to meet you. Maybe someday we will meet up with you and big daddy in your neck of the woods, but until then come back for a visit anytime !!!

Newfie Friends
Sheila and Mike

Bikerhen said...

One more day of riding and this one with your own DH (Big Daddy), instead of friends. What a lovely way to end this cross Canada adventure, a good meal, a stroll in the evening through beautiful Cranbrook with your sweetheart, and thoughts of being home tomorrow.

I hope your last day of this adventure is wonderful and care-free. I'll miss following your daily posts but plan on staying in touch. You are welcome back here with us ANY time.. and bring along Big Daddy. I think my John would just get along with him right famous.


Anonymous said...

Wow your adventure is coming to a close. What a way to end it with your Big Daddy and in one of the most prettiest areas of BC. yOu said retirement...well if ya retired there you'd be closer to me. I would have 2 reasons to go that way one is friends in Midway and you! James is home and he said to make sure that I extend the welcome mat out to you and Big Daddy anytime! Come on out and we'll take a little trip down to Montana maybe for a day or 2..Miss ya already my friend.
hugs from all of us to you ..oh those hugs are also from the mooch and the beav!

Bee W said...

Hey Willi - are you headed our way?? Left our numbers on FB for you - maybe stop in for a rest on your way - or we could see you at the K in Keremeos for coffee or somethin' - ride safe home girl!
Hugs from B

Rhonda said...

Hi Willi...
Well I can hardly believe you're almost home.. I was just getting used to checking this blog daily.. you're gonna have to keep blogging for those of us who need a touch of 'Willi Wit' daily. :o) I'm glad you and Big Daddy are together again.. it's so nice he could come out to meet ya.. (mind you, he kept me waiting for 2 hours in Grand Forks -- what's new, eh?) .. now in Big Daddy's defence I'm gonna play devil's advocate here and say.. you kept him waitin for over 6 weeks so suck it up princess ! LOL
I'm gonna miss our daily connection .. who know what next year or the year after will bring though.. MITM ?? Ya just never know do ya?
Big (((((HUGZ)))))