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Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 56: Fri., Aug. 7: Foremost AB to Cranbrook BC

BC! BC! I can hardly believe it -- almost home again!

WELL -- Cindy and I started out this morning in the strangest weather -- it looked like it was foggy, but as we rode down the road, the 'fog' was ever-evasive. I think it was some kind of rain cloud that never touched down. Cin and I parted about 20 km up the road and I carried on up to Hwy 3. (I tell yah, what a fabulous hostess she is -- she fed and watered me and gave me a bed to sleep in; and then she let me play with her lovely doggies, Beaver and Mooch -- who could ask for more? What a star! And this, for some weirdo (me) she met on the Internet LOL)

I was really stoking along because I knew that the weather report showed clearer and sunnier weather the further west I went so ... I went!

By the time I got to Lethbridge, things were really looking up and with the exception of the odd cloudyness along the way, it was all great. When I got to Fernie, I thought perhaps I would stay there (it was hot, hot, hot), but nothing to be found so carried on to Cranbrook. Interesting aside: at the gas station in Fernie, a gal attired in bikerette fashion admired my bike and as we chatted, turned out she and her hubby were from B.C. ... in fact, from my home town -- how funny is that? I tell yah, six degrees of separation ...

Anyway, got to Cranbrook; booked into my fave hotel - the Prestige Inn; love it that I can practically park the bike in the lobby - they reserve the canopy out front for bikes; had a hot tub; had a swim; had a fabulous meal ... plus CCC libation and wine with dinner; had a great chat with Big Daddy ... now, thinkin' 'bout beddy-byes.

I do love that ride through the Crow's Nest Pass on Hwy 3 -- the Mountains as you approach are fabulous and the view on the ride through is amazing -- Santa better bring me that webcam this year, I tell yah!!!

Off to Dreamland now ...


Anonymous said...

My dear Willi, Thank you for the kinds words. You have trusted me to come to my house and let me feed ya and that means sooo much to me. I cant wait for meeting night to tell the gals all about our night. My hubby was disappointed that he didnt get to meet ya and ya know what we didnt do we didnt get that photo taken of the bikes out front dammitt!
My door is always open to you and your hubby. And the Mooch and the Beav looked for you when i came home. I will give them both hugs for you!
Take care and we will keep in touch!
YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rhonda said...

Cranbrook, BC...WOW!! You DO rock ! Almost home and what a story to tell.. you'll have to write a book (it'll help defray the costs of your trip):o) I guarantee it would sell.. and you've pretty much got it all captured on this blog..even got lots of pics. What a great winter project for ya. There are really no motorcycle stories out there , 'cept for Doris Maron's .. what with all the ladies getting into ridin.. guaranteed a best seller.... and you have a way with words Willi.. you can tell a great story. Ride safe the rest of the way home.. you must be gettin' too 'cited!!!
Big (((HUGS)))