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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 55: Thurs., Aug 6: Moose Jaw to Foremost AB (aka the Long Way Round)

Ah, yes -- here I am in beautiful Foremost, AB with my bud, Cindy, who, I might add, has the patience of a saint!

Ole Willi really did the original 'Circle Tour' today; yep - got myself lost, if yah can believe it. Ride halfway around friggin' North America but ride around in ever-increasing circles in my own back yard BLUSH

My GPS refused to get a signal in Moose Jaw and when I went to use my map, I discovered the relevant portion was shredded off it. So I thought, 'What the heck', I know the way -- yeah, right Willi :-(

Somehow I forgot I needed to be on Hwy 3 and wound up driving way too far west on TC Hwy 1, then tried to get turned around near Brooks and just kept going the wrong way, due to road construction, dead end streets and gravel roads UGH.

Finally got some accurate directions from a fella and met up with Cindy -- we are at her house in Foremost now, having had plenty of libations and a wonderful homecooked dinner -- I plan to make use of that wonderful jacuzzi tub she has too -- oh yeah, these aching muscles will smile again.

Nighty-night folks!


Bikerhen said...

Isn't that just the way, Willi.. lost in your own back-yard? Too bad that happened, it does rattle a person when you end up on a road going.. you're not sure where (when that wasn't the idea to begin with.. lol)
Didn't run into Tracy by chance whilst you were touring the Brooks area, did you?
Happy here that all ended well and you are in the company of friends.

Anonymous said...

awhhh man - sorry I missed ya again Willi. I was working out in the field during the day. Some times 'timing' just isn't what we would all like. Hope you're enjoying the trip and may the sun shine down on you chicky. Stay safe !!! x0x0x0x

Anonymous said...

oops - that anonymous is me - Tracy (bader67) lols

Rhonda said...

Lost?? LOST??? I think not.. you were just exploring :O) Glad all is well now.. just think how good that jacuzzi is gonna feel.. wouldn't have felt half as nice is ya hadn't done some exploring and 'off-roading' first.. LOL