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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 53: Tues., Aug. 4: Bemidji MN to Minot ND

Who knew the geographical center of North America was in Rugby, North Dakota? Not me, that's for sure! I passed through Rugby on the way here, here being Minot ND. Minot, ND

Minot appears to be a fairly largish place and a busy one, it seems, as it was tough to find a hotel room; every one I tried was all booked up -- or so they said -- mebbe they just didn't like the look o' me ;-) I wound up at a Super 8 (not my fave venue, but it will do).

Seems clean enough anyway but there is something in the bathroom which made me do a huge double take. There appears to be some kind of attachment on the throne which, according to the directions printed on it, purports to turn it into a bidet ... I'm definitely givin' that device a miss -- possible electrocution via the nether regions is NOT on my bucket list, not today anyway LOL

Delilah and I clocked over 500 km today, so that was a very good day's work, I'd say. Not sure yet which way I will go tomorrow -- prolly best to continue on Hwy 2 awhile until I can head north into Alberta to get to Foremost to meet up with Cin-Cin.

Thinking about Hwy 2 makes me remember that today as I was ridin' along, I got to thinkin' about all the different kinds of pavement and/or patching materials I've encountered on this trip: gray stuff, black stuff, red stuff, all with/without gritty stuff in 'em. What are they all made of and why are different kinds used? Anybody out there know? I bet Motor Maid Laurie does ...


Anonymous said...

Woohoo Willi!!!!!!!!!! Ya gettin closer and closer to me all the time! I guess i better be gettin my buns to the libations store and get sum of dem CCC libations. YOu're only 500 miles away as of this evening. let me know which way ya coming and ill ride out to meet ya. Ill see if any of the gals are gonna be available as well! hell ya might even get lucky and get to my hubby as he is hoping to get home in the next few days for a night or 2. Now im really getting excited!!!!!!!! You have a great night and ride safe tomorrow. and we'll chat soon!!!!!!!!

Cin cin

Anonymous said...

Well I might be able to give a little insight, just for you Willi!

Pavement is like aging, the older you get the grayer your hair becomes. Now the red stuff, well let me tell you, it's kind of like red heads, (kidding!). It just means that the stone material in the pavement has a high concentration of Iron in it and basically it is rusting, which makes it turn reddish. AS for the gritty stuff...hmmmm...maybe it's still sandy from the winter. ;-)
Enjoy your ride and watch out for the road snakes.
Motor Maid Laurie

Flo said...

The bano is to help you after all the ccc libations!!
glad your still havin fun. Getting close now. Keep riding safe gf.