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Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 52: Mon., Aug 3: Ironwood MI to Bemidji, MN

Started out this a.m. at 8:00 cuz the weather report was calling for thunder and lightening storms to start about mid-afternoon all across the state and I wanted to e in and dry before that happened. Arrived here in Bemidji, Minnesota (on the Mississippi River, the sign sez, but dunno if I believe THAT) just as the winds were picking up and the skies darkening, about 2:30 ish. It's now after 4:00, and still no thunderstorm or rain yet -- mebbee it missed us. Bemidji, MN

The ride across Hwy 2 took me through a couple of National Parks and a lotta resort areas - camping, boating and fishing being the specified activities, so lotsa trees around and a pretty straight road for the most part. Not exciting to see, but could get up to about 120 kmh in a lotta spots, so made good time.

Drivers -- aren't some of them funny? (I mean funny 'weird' NOT funny 'haha'.) Someone will poke along in front of you in the areas that you can't pass in and then as soon as it opens up into an area you are allowed to pass in, they speed up. OR, they dawdle along for miles, you then pass 'em when yah can ... and the next thing yah know, they're on your butt - no matter how fast yah go SHEESH

Talked to Big Daddy today and he informs me I will be a great auntie one day in the not-so-distant-future so congrats and much love to G & N! (Now I just have to figger out a way to wangle 'equal time' with the babe as my bro and sis-in-law, the grandparents HEH HEH.)

And our bro-in-law who had the heart surgery is doing nicely, so we are very pleased - way to go, T!

So, I guess dat's it from the road (unless I run into more oddballs at dinner tonight LOL) till tomorrow's riveting installment!



Rhonda said...

Hey Willi... Bob and I just sat down and caught up on yer travels.. and shennanigans... had a few laughs at your story telling and breathed a sigh of relief that yer 'near miss' ended so well. Ya should chased that old bag a biatch slapped her!!!! Seriously though.. please be careful out there.

We haven't been able to follow the blog for a few days cause as you know we were in Cape Breton for the rally.. Thunder in the Highlands. The riding and weather was great.. we got the T-Shirts which were very reasonably priced at $10 for short sleeve and $15 for long sleeved .. Bob also got hisself a pin and Tshirt from Ramseys Harley in Sydney... and he even bought me a HONDA t-shirt... at the Harley dealer.. haha.. imagine that.. :O)

Anyway.. keep on keeping on.. enjoy your days .. continue with these great blogs.. you do have a way with words and making people feel they are right there with you. I love reading about your travels. .. every evening we say .. "Where's Willi?" .. then we check the blog :O)

There is a lot of stuff going on with the weather the further west you go .. I watch it and think, where's Willi? is she anywhere near that? I'm sure you do this but Please keep an eye on the weather when planning your travels.

Big ((((HUGZ)))) my friend...

Anonymous said...

Hi Willi

You sure are moving along now. Bemidji! you'll be home before you know it. Sure hope you are enjoying your ride. There's some beautiful country between here and your home.

We are thinking of you. Off to Quebec City tis weekend coming then Colorado in a week. Are you going to meet us there?

Ride safe my friend,

Anonymous said...

Well Willi, you are just moving right along. I havent commented the last couple of days cause we've been having some Electrical storm (lightening). But ive read them and laughed and also said a few curse words when I read about your near miss. Like Rhonda said ya should have chased her down and well ya know. congrats on the great aunty thing. hubby and I are going to be greats too come the 20 of September.
Tonite was our ride night and all i can say is wow. i am afraid of lightening & thunder..well I guess im a big girl now cause i rode home in a thunder lightening storm this evening ..all by myself!!!!!!!! so when you get here we will a CCC libation to celebrate that as Take care my friend and as always RIDE SAFE!!! Your Friend


Bikerhen said...

Made it to the Mississippi. Wow! Well, supposedly, since you haven't seen it yet. That was a good idea to leave early and be all tucked in before any've had your share of rain already. Enjoy the scenery, hope all goes well, in spite of crazy drivers.