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Friday, October 17, 2008

The Ball, She is Rollin!

As of Oct 2008, the Ball is Rollin for planning the first ever Canuck Chicks Conga to take place Summer 2009. Posts have been made to Canadian gals on several women's motorcycling forums about the proposed trip and a number have indicated interest.

The impetus for this cross-Canada ride was borne out of the WWR Conga in Spring 2008 - see the Mini-History in the right-hand sidebar.

The Conga concept is sort of like a relay, but not quite. Riders meet up with each other along the way, some will join the group for long distances, perhaps all the way across, and some will ride across their Province or maybe even just across the city they live in. It is hoped that along the way, local women participants will help provide billets and also local knowledge of attractions and great rides.


Flo said...

Way to Willi!!
Conga on girlfreind. Who knows we may meet int the middle yet!!anything is possible. Only trouble is a

Mini-History said...

MITM, GF! Yeah!

docdonna said...

Hey Willi! Only wish I could ride both Conga's all the way, but, for now, I'll be rooting you all on the entire way!!!

Love ya!